Welcome to aⱼni / ibrado.org!

At heart, I’m a software developer. Right now, I’m probably coding something in Node.js®, Ruby, Java, or Anypoint Studio in Linux on my Acer C910 Chromebook. Usually, I develop middleware systems, but anything goes.

When not coding, I’m likely reading a Science Fiction or Fantasy book. I’ve also been known to whip up some poetry/haiku, some of which might find their way here.

[blog logo] By the way, this site’s logo is my Baybayin signature formed from the characters for A [Baybayin for A] and ni [Baybayin for ni which are my initials, of course. That’s how this blog’s name is pronounced – A-ni (“ah-knee”).

So yes, I’m a geek all around. Not a nerd, though stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye. I hope you stay and poke around, anyway.

Thanks for visiting!

-- Alex

About the site

I write aⱼni content in Markdown/kramdown, which is then converted via Jekyll into static HTML. The theme is based on Jekyll Clean Dark.

The site is uploaded via git to GitLab Pages, but is served up by Netlify since GitLab CI seems to be slowing down frowning. Netlify has automatic support for free SSL/TLS certificates from Let’s Encrypt, too!