Some contributions to opensource projects on GitHub, as of 2018-10-24 03:29:41 +0800:

[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #79] Incorporate frontmatter defaults, support :basename etc.
This patch takes into account the site frontmatter defaults applicable to a page, e.g. path and pages scope. It also replaces placeholders supported by pages (i.e. :path, :basename, and :output_ext) in the default permalink.
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #78] Support Jekyll link tag / fix relative_path
This adds support for Jekyll’s link tag by using the original dir and name for the first pagination page, based on the relative_path code. Fixes #77
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #75] Feature: Introductory text for autopages, etc.
This implements an “intro” feature as discussed in #58.
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #73] AND/OR filters for tags, categories, and locales
This adds pagination options for filtering tags/categories using all (and) or any (or). See #63.
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #72] Update examples
This updates the examples to make categories and tags with spaces work, removes deprecation warnings, and fixes some minor bugs/typos.
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #71] Check for nil strings during sort
This just moves the check for nils before comparing strings during sort, e.g.
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #70] Add special_characters option to autopages tags, cats, and colls
This adds a special_characters option to autopages to allow the use of spaces and other characters in tags, etc. Basically, if specified, this just omits the slugify step. See #20
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #69] AutoPages support for tags/categories created by other generators
This allows pagination of tags and categories created by other generators. See #59
[jekyll PR #6651] Add Tweetsert, Stickyposts, Paginate::Content
This adds my plugins to the list:
[ PR #303] Update Docker
This updates the Docker configuration to work with the current master, and adds/updates supporting scripts. It also improves Docker caching so it doesn’t rebuild the npm packages unless a new module is added.
[emoji-for-jekyll PR #12] Emojify excerpts
This patch also processes emojis included in excerpts in the home page.
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #55] Check for nils, convert to DateTime before comparing
This compares Date (YYYY-MM-DD only) and Time fields by doing a to_datetime first (if possible) so the comparison doesn’t fail for custom sort date fields. It also checks for nils since comparing it to e.g. a Time would also fail.
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #54] Feature: sticky posts
This adds a sticky_first option which makes posts tagged sticky: true appear before all other posts. Within the set of sticky posts, the sort order specified by the user (e.g. reversed, based on other fields, etc.) is still retained.
[jekyll-paginate-v2 PR #53] Generate at least one page, issue #52
In cases where there are no posts (fresh site) or all the posts are hidden, no index.html is generated at the document root, leading to 404 errors from many/most hosting providers. This patch makes paginate-v2 always generate at least 1 page.
[crouton PR #3534] Fix horizontal scroll direction for xiwi
xiwi apps scroll horizontally in the opposite direction as ChromeOS. This just reverses the direction via xmodmap and makes scrolling consistent across xiwi and ChromeOS.
[crouton PR #3531] Use Downloads folder of the user who launched the chroot
For multiple logins, this uses the LastActiveUser in /home/chronos/Local State to determine which ~/Downloads folder should be mapped in the chroot, i.e. that of the user who started the chroot.
[pTOTP PR #5] SHA256 for pTOTP (AWS 64 char keys)
Added code to allow Pebble Authenticator to accept 64-character secrets such as those in use by Amazon Web Services MFA. When the secret is 48 characters or less, the original sha1 is used; otherwise sha256.